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November 2020

Cultural Article

A Recent Style for Domestic Traveling in Japan

by Daisuke Miyamoto


I hope that all JITTI Journal readers and their families are in good health during this pandemic. Covid-19 has stopped our movement itself, like commuting and traveling around the world. This has also caused devastating damage to the tourism industry in Japan, as well as the transportation and other industries. Under these circumstances, the Ministry of Land Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan has started a promotional campaign called ‘’Go to Travel,’’ which helps people sightseeing in Japan by discounting travel fees and/or distributing coupons for activities, restaurants and so on.

On the other hand, people who want to lower the risk of infection as much as possible may prefer to go traveling near their homes. Thus the “Go to Travel” campaign is a reasonable idea for many people who were frustrated by the quarantine but hope to travel shorter distances.

The Shuzenji Area

With this in mind, as I have lived in Tokyo and am familiar with the surrounding locales, I want to recommend going to the Shuzenji area, which takes about 2 hours by train, or 3 hours or less by bus or car from Tokyo. The area’s name comes from the Shuzenji-temple, which was established about 1,200 years ago, and the region is called the “Small Kyoto of Izu,” so to speak. The most symbolic spot in this area is the Tokko Onsen, which is among the 100 most famous hot springs in Japan. Of course, there are also many “must-visit” spots here too, like Japanese traditional gardens, scenic streets, and restaurants. I’d like to introduce two of these must-visit spots, Bamboo Street and an area with a series of love bridges.

Bamboo Street

This street is a signature tourism location in Shuzenji. Visitors can enjoy and relax while walking. It’s beyond description, so please appreciate the picture below.

Bamboo Street

A Series of Love Bridges

If you want a boy/girlfriend, you must visit the series of love bridges. The five bridges are named “Togetsu Bridge,” ”Kokei Bridge,” ”Katsura Bridge,” ”Kaede Bridge,” and ”Takishita Bridge,” which all span over the Katsura River. It is said that your wish for love comes true when you cross over all the bridges.

Kaede Bridge

A trip to Shuzenji will surely allow you to be able to feel relaxed!!

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