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Our Aviation Analyst, Daisuke Takagi, chronicles the disagreement between airlines over US-China routes that was spurred on by new changes in Haneda Airport's slot allocation

Author: Daisuke Takagi

Category: Civil Aviation

2019 EASA-FAA International Safety Conference

Deputy and JCAB Representative, Shinichi Yamada, reviews the mission of and findings from the 2019 EASA-FAA International Safety Conference.

Author: Shinichi Yamada

Category: Civil Aviation

Trends in International Travel

Part 1: Changing Patterns of International Aviation

Eno conducted an analysis of the international market for air travel  for JITTI USA. This multi-part series details some of the most interesting facts and findings, and is instructive for thinking about how international air service has evolved over the past few decades.

Author: Paul Lewis

Category: Civil Aviation

Plan for redistributing profits from development in the USA

(value capture)

Rail Analyst, Daisuke Miyamoto, delves into the differences of applications  of value capture between Japan and the US, and the stances of various US voices on how it should be implemented.

Author: Daisuke Miyamoto

Category: Surface Transportation

IR conditions in the USA -

Subject: MGM Resorts International 

JITTI USA Staff member, Daisuke Takagi, writes on the growth and popularity of integrated resorts in the United States, with a prime example being MGM Resorts International, and the business prospects this has for Japan as well.

Author: Daisuke Takagi

Category: Tourism & More

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