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November 2019

Cultural Article

Resort Island –Miyakojima–

by Daisuke Miyamoto

Imagine, you are on a beach with your legs ankle-deep in the sun-kissed waves. A turquoise ocean faces you, and as each turn of the waves rushes over your feet, you sink a little further down into the warm earth. The water has smoothed out all the wrinkles that had once been pressed across the sand, along with those stressors that you’ve now forgotten. A breeze picks up, and you inhale again, and exhale that salty, summer air. Except, it’s not really summer at all- at least not where you’re from. It’s October, and you are in Okinawa, Japan.

The view of the ocean from Miyakojima Island, an island in Okinawa Prefecture. Off in the distance, you can see Irabu-ohashi Bridge.

It goes without saying that Okinawa is the one of the most famous resort island chains in the world. Known for its pristine beaches and a tropical atmosphere not seen elsewhere in Japan, nearly 10 million travelers were enticed to visit in 2018, including 3 million foreign tourists. The final tally for 2019 is expected to top those records. Transport initiatives have also made a difference in Okinawa’s greater popularity. Airlines have been increasing routes to Okinawa, and the governor of Okinawa has promised to collaborate with private companies to simplify the transit system in order for visitors to spend an even more stress-free trip. These efforts have established Okinawa as a hot spot of Japan, making it one of the country’s greatest tourist destinations.

Sunset on Sunayama beach, a secluded beach on Miyakojima island.

The interest and hype, of course, are well deserved. Miyakojima, one of the islands in Okinawa prefecture, is said to have the most beautiful sea around the Orient. Not only can you enjoy it’s clear and gradient blue waters while spending time at the beach, but a drive over the Irabu-ohashi Bridge ensures a joy ride in what feels like a flight over the ocean. What is more, Miyakojima belongs to the same subtropical zone as the rest of Okinawa, which means that we can enjoy swimming in the sea from April to October. Now that the weather has grown colder, why don’t you make a trip to Miyakojima, and the rest of Okinawa? It is certain that you will have a great time there.

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