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Dear Friends of JITTI USA,


My name is Kazuya Fukuhara. I have been appointed as a Senior Representative of JITTI USA since mid-July this year. I would like to thank you all for your continued understanding and support of JITTI USA's activities. Today, I would like to briefly introduce myself, and I hope this will help you to become familiar with and interested in JITTI USA's activities.


Before arriving at JITTI USA, I worked for the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT). At the MLIT, I have worked on policy and regulatory development in a wide range of fields, including aviation, housing, roads, and maritime security. I was also seconded to the Tourism Division of Kyoto City Office for three years, where I planned strategies about inbound tourism and over-tourism measures. Most recently, I was assigned to the Japan Coast Guard (JCG), where I was involved in policy compilation for the entire JCG and correspondence with the Diet. As the global security environment becomes increasingly severe, JCG is playing an increasingly important role in the security field. I was deeply involved in the discussions that set the direction for the future of the JCG, including the formulation of the policy for strengthening coast guard capabilities, taking into account the discussions on the National Security Strategy compiled at the end of last year.


I myself am interested in international work and have been involved in policy formulation for infrastructure exports and other projects in the international department of MLIT, as well as having had the opportunity to study public policy at the University of Chicago. So, I am very grateful for the opportunity to work at JITTI USA. Although JITTI USA is a small organization, I am responsible for its overall management, as well as planning and coordinating events such as symposiums and conducting research in areas such as aviation. I am learning every day about the differences in overseas transportation systems that arise from background circumstances such as history, culture, geography, and religion in other countries, and I find it very interesting to work in this field.


In my personal life, I currently live with my wife and three-year-old son. My wife and I have lived in Chicago before, but this is my son's first time living abroad. Sometimes it pains me to hear my son says that he wants to go back to Japan, but recently he has been saying this less and less, and he seems to be getting used to life here. The parks here have a wide variety of playground equipment, which my son likes very much, and it is becoming a habit for him to visit a new park every weekend. If you see us at the park, please feel free to contact us.


Last but not least, I would very much appreciate your continued support for JITTI's activities. I would also be happy to exchange ideas and opinions with you personally and with everyone who reads this journal.



Kazuya Fukuhara

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