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APTA JITTI Raill Symposium 2024- Marketing Image v2-01-01.png

Thursday, April 11th  | Hybrid Event: Ronald Reagan Building & Int'l Trade Center and Held Virtually in English and Japanese

As the world moves toward carbon neutrality, passenger rail is attracting attention as an environmentally friendly means of transportation. As natural disasters become more frequent, it is becoming increasingly important to strengthen urban resilience.

This symposium aims to present and discuss how the value of passenger rail (high speed, intercity, commuter, heavy and light rail) is being articulated and measured in both Japan and the U.S., reaffirming the social and economic role that passenger rail plays by connecting cities and enhancing their attractiveness and resilience.


3.2024 Feature Image.png

Volume 11 Issue 2  |  Feature: Hirokazu Nishikawa |  Cultural Article:  Tomomi Dodd

In Japan, there is a movement to promote sports culture tourism, an exciting trend of linking sporting events with cultural traditions and art. With regions and events hoping to attract locals and international guests alike, learn which proposals the Japanese government has favored for this year's Sports Tourism Awards.

1.2024 Feature Cover.jpg

Volume 11  Issue 1  |  Feature: Daisuke Komatsu |  Cultural Article:  Mamiko Kim

Our Feature Article delves into how Japan's Coast Guard and Self-Defense Forces are working to secure ships from growing piracy at sea, while the Cultural Article introduces Japanese BBQ.

Advanced Air Mobility taxi.jpg

Volume 10  Issue 6  |  Feature: Shinichiro Tsuri |  Cultural Article:  Suzannah Nevas

Learn how Japan has responded to the emerging field  of Advanced Air Mobility in it's recently published Concept of Operations in this month's Feature, and about a historic mountainous voyage that has been walkable for over 1,000 years in the Cultural article.

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