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Tuesday, October 8th, 2019  |  Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, Washington, DC

JITTI USA was pleased to hear from experts in international civil aviation from aeronautical authorities and air carriers in Japan and the U.S, as well as an airport operator from Japan, who discussed the future vision and aviation strategies of international civil aviation in the Asia Pacific region.

Authors: Tomomi Tsuchiya & Daisuke Miayamoto |  Surface Transporation

The redevelopment project for Hudson Yard is the largest in New York City history, and consequently comes with unique financial challenges and ingenuity.  In this multi-part research report, Rail Analyst Daisuke Miyamoto and former JITTI USA President Tomomi Tsuchiya relay their findings, and Part 1 of this series describes the background, development incentives, financing mechanisms, status and more of this historic project.

Author: Daisuke Takagi |  Civil Aviation

COVID-19 and the suspension of 737MAX aircraft were hot button topics at the 2020 Aviation Summit.  In this report, Aviation Analyst, Daisuke Takagi, introduces the items discussed for these and other topics  at this event.

Author: Yasuhiro Okamoto |  Maritime Transportation

Maritime Analyst, Yasuhiro Okamoto, introduces the achievements of the Japan Coast Guard in providing foreign aid, as well as presenting  the challenges to do so with the plethora of international rules and organizations to take into account.

Other Recent Publications

Volume 7  Issue 3  |  Feature: Yasuhiro Okamoto |  Cultural Article:  Mamiko Kim

With the world taking precautions against the coronavirus, this month's feature takes a look at the disease's effects on the shipping sector.  The cultural article delves into an activity one can do at home- listening to Japanese music.

Volume 7  Issue 2  |  Feature: Daisuke Takagi |  Cultural Article:  Tomomi Dodd

The March issue of the JITTI Journal celebrates the emergence of Spring, with a feature article on the changing trend of cruise ships and passengers traveling to and from Japan, as well as an article on the Japanese tradition of Hanami, or cherry blossom viewing.

Volume 7  Issue 1  |  Feature: Shinichi Yamada |  Cultural Article:  Shuntaro Okimoto

Welcoming in the New Year and a new president, JITTI USA introduces Mr. Okuda's leadership to the organization.  This newsletter also features an article on Japan's policies regarding unmanned aircraft, and foods specific to the new year holiday.

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