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JITTI Journal
November 2023 JITTI Journal
Advanced Air Mobility is a hot topic in Japan, particularly with the release of a new Concept of Operations

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Volume 10 Issue 5  |  Feature: Akito Okabe |  Cultural Article:  Daisuke Komatsu

With this year being the first year after the pandemic that travel has truly returned to pre-COVID levels, this month's Feature delves into what changes airports in Japan have made to accommodate this welcome shift.  The Cultural article introduces a shopping gem that may not commonly come to mind- stores in the basements of airports.  There's much more there than you may realize!

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July 2023

Volume 10  Issue 4  |  Feature: Hirokazu Nishikawa |  Cultural Article:  Shinichiro Tsuri

Our Feature Article delves into the Japanese government's plans to rebuild the momentum of inbound tourists after the pandemic, while the Cultural Article introduces Japanese castles- which many history buffs, architecture fans, and selfie-takers are sure to enjoy!


Volume 10  Issue 3  |  Feature: Daisuke Komatsu |  Cultural Article:  Suzannah Nevas

History was made as the U.S. and Japan Coast Guard Academies signed a landmark agreement for academic collaboration.  Learn the details and background leading up to this moment in this issue's Feature, and discover how Japan's wisteria flowers, so little heard about in the States, deserve to not be overlooked by travelers this season in the Cultural Article.

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