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JITTI Journal
May 2023 JITTI Journal
Japan and the U.S. Coast Guard's have signed a landmark academic agreement.  Read on to learn more about what it entails.

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U.S.-Japan International Exchange and Tourism Symposium 2023

Rebuilding and Strengthening Exchange and Tourism Between the U.S. and Japan Post-COVID

Thursday, March 23rd  | Hybrid Event: Willard InterContinental Hotel and Held Virtually in English and Japanese

Relations between the U.S. and Japan have been supported by multi-layered and extensive people-to-people exchanges, which were severely constrained by the pandemic. Additionally, recent world events of aggressive tactics by Russia and China have made it vital to develop and evolve the U.S.-Japan relationship.

This event aims to reconsider the significance of, and rebuild and strengthen, U.S.-Japan people-to-people exchanges to a new and higher dimension post-pandemic.


3.23 Feature- cover.jpg

Volume 10 Issue 2  |  Feature: Akito Okabe |  Cultural Article:  Daisuke Komatsu

This month's Feature Article highlights the newest developments for revenue development at train stations in Japan in light of lower ridership due to the effects of COVID.  The Cultural Article introduces Japan's unique monsters, ghouls, ghosts, and other unnatural phenomona.


Volume 10  Issue 1  |  Feature: Yoshihiro Fujimaki |  Cultural Article:  Mamiko Kim

Discover how Japan's airports are testing autonomous driving in restricted areas, and learn about Shirakawa-go, quintessential historic Winter villages in Japan's alps

11.2022 Feature Image.png

Volume 9  Issue 6  |  Feature: Daisuke Hagiwara |  Cultural Article:  Suzannah Nevas

Enjoy this feature on the Japanese government's measures opening up travel to international tourists, and a personal account of these mandates with JITTI USA staff member, Suzannah Nevas, describing traveling in Japan once the border reopened.

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