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Tuesday, October 8th, 2019  |  Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, Washington, DC

JITTI USA was pleased to hear from experts in international civil aviation from aeronautical authorities and air carriers in Japan and the U.S, as well as an airport operator from Japan, who discussed the future vision and aviation strategies of international civil aviation in the Asia Pacific region.

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Authors: Daisuke Takagi |  Tourism & More

The first half of 2020 was some of the most difficult times seen in the travel industry, dwarfing the 2009 financial crisis in loss of revenue.  With the entire world affected, looking at the nuance between regions of the world may add some clarity to how the course of the coronavirus has impacted tourism and travel on a global scale.

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Author: Daisuke Miyamoto |  Surface Transportation

When looking at Mobility on Demand in the United States, what better place to start than New York City?  This largest market for MOD in the U.S. has had it's fair share of interest by train operators, bike share companies, smartphone app designers and more, as public transportation users look for more convenient and practical ways to make their commute.

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Author: Yoshihiro Fujimaki |  Civil Aviation

The FAA continues to respond to the Boeing 737 MAX accidents that occurred in 2018 and 2019, and their proposed airworthiness directives published in August are one of their latest actions.  Read more about what these directives say, and how they affect Boeing.


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Volume 7  Issue 6  |  Feature: Mamiko Kim |  Cultural Article:  Daisuke Miyamoto

With the tourism industry heavily impacted by the pandemic, federal and local government and businesses have needed to get creative to keep the industry afloat.  In this month's Journal, the Feature article delves into the various staycation, workation, and government travel campaigns that have appeared, and the Cultural article relates Mr. Miyamoto's experience traveling to Shuzenji during the Go to Travel Campaign.

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Volume 7  Issue 5  |  Feature: Shuntaro Okimoto |  Cultural Article:  Yasuhiro Okamoto

This month's Feature Article analyzes how Japan's transportation industry has fare through the COVID-19 pandemic, which has had an unmistakable global impact.  In the Cultural Article, Mr. Okamoto delves into one of his hometowns largest festivals, and describes its unique charm.

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Volume 7  Issue 4  |  Feature: Daisuke Miyamoto |  Cultural Article:  Daisuke Takagi

Read how Mobility as a Service and it's U.S. counterpart, Mobility on Demand, continue to gain traction in the transportation industry as technology grants a growing interconnected experience.  Discover what three sounds conjure up the hottest months of the year in Japan.