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JITI 2016 Railway Workshop
Initiatives Targeting On-Time Departures for Metro Areas

January 29th, 2016 

Four Seasons Hotel Washington, D.C.

2800 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, D.C. 

One of the more important aspects in creating a trusted and useful public rail transportation system is the punctuality and reliability of the system. On-schedule departures and arrivals are a universal theme from an operations control perspective, and both the U.S. and Japan deal with this aspect of their rail systems on a daily basis.

Japan’s population is highly concentrated in its city centers and, despite the massive influx of people during rush hours, still manages to run trains on a highly compact schedule due to their operations systems. Many lines are even able to operate at a speed of one train per minute during the heaviest parts of the commuter rush.

In the U.S., automobiles are still the dominant mode of transportation. However, the demand for a reliable and safe public transportation system is increasing, especially as the city centers expand and the need for the metro grows. Many entrepreneurs have been creating different technology to accommodate the railway service conditions, including trying to keep passengers updated on delays or problems as they occur by using smartphone apps or station displays.

For this workshop, JITI invited representatives from Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd to discuss the various initiatives and methods they use to create an on-time and reliable metro service, as well as representatives from the MTA New York City Transit to hear about new initiatives to create a more punctual schedule for their train systems. In the workshop, they will discuss how to make safer, on time, and more trusted operations of rails a reality, aided by the use of real examples such as methods and procedures for restoring rail service after unforeseen events or delay



Opening Remarks

Makoto Washizu

President JITI USA

Keynote Speeches

Wynton Habersham

Acting Senior Vice President, Department of Subways, MTA New York City Transit

Yoshinobu Takatori

Managing Director, Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd.

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