NOTE: JITI USA changed it's name to the Japan International Transport and Tourism Institute, USA (JITTI USA) in August 2019.  As such, all published materials before then are named the JITI Journal


  • January JITTI Journal

    • feature on Japan's budget for FY2021

    • cultural article on Shodo, Japanese calligraphy that has been traditionally done on January 2nd

  • March JITTI Journal

    • feature on  new Japanese legislation on sUAS flown beyond visual line of sight and over people

    • cultural article on anime and manga


  • January JITTI Journal

    • feature on Japan's policy on unmanned aircraft systems

    • cultural article on Osechi, or traditional foods eaten to celebrate the new year

  • March JITTI Journal

    • feature on cruise trends in Japan​

    • cultural article on the Japanese tradition of Hanami, or cherry blossom viewing

  • May JITTI Journal

    • feature on ​ the effects of the novel coronavirus on the shipping sector

    • cultural article on little known facts of the Japanese music industry

  • July JITTI Journal

    • feature on ​ Mobility as a Service in Japan

    • cultural article on the sounds that remind Japanese people of summer

  • September JITTI Journal

    • feature on the impacts of COVID-19 on Japanese transportation industries​

    • cultural article on the Hakata Dontaku Festival

  • November JITTI Journal

    • feature on the domestic tourism initiatives started during the pandemic​

    • cultural article on traveling to Shuzenji through the "Go To Travel" Campaign


  • January JITI Journal

    • feature on Capacity Enhancement of Narita International Airport

    • cultural article on Hatsu-moude, or the tradition of visiting shrines in the new year

  • March JITI Journal

    • feature ​on Tokyo Metro's initiatives to enhance foreign traveler experiences

    • cultural article on Osaka's winning World Expo bid for 2025, and the expected changes that will occur to prepare for the event

  • May JITI Journal

    • feature ​on the Japan Coast Guard as they create new international frameworks with coast guards of the world

    • cultural article on Shichi-Go-San, a Japanese coming-of-age celebration for children turning seven, five, and three

  • July JITI Journal

    • feature ​on our Revenue Opportunities through Value Capture Session which we co-hosted with APTA during their 2019 Rail Conference

    • cultural article on Koshien, a high school baseball tournament which has become a summer classic in Japan

  • September JITTI Journal

    • feature ​on high speed rail in the United States, and analysis of issues preventing it from becoming more prevalent

    • cultural article on Hakata Gion Yamakasa, a local festival and pant-less affair

  • November JITTI Journal

    • feature ​on Haneda Airport slots, and their effects on civil aviation in the Asia Pacific Region

    • cultural article on Miyakojima, a resort island in Okinawa


  • January JITI Journal

    • feature on Capacity Building Support by the Japan Coast Guard to Developing Countries - Mobile Cooperation Team

    • short article on Niihama

  • March JITI Journal

    • feature on the railways in Japan during rush hour

    • short article on manners for shoes in Japan

  • May JITI Journal

    • feature on improving and strengthening the transport safety management system

    • short article on Miyajima

  • July JITI Journal

    • feature on airport concession policy in Japan

    • short article on awaodori 

  • September JITI Journal

    • feature on strengthening aviation safety through SSP

    • short article on Takarazuka Revue

  • November JITI Journal

    • feature on measures taken against falling objects from airplanes

    • short article on facial hair in Japan


  • January JITI Journal

    • Feature on urban rail transit in Japan

    • short article on the Kintaikyo Bridg

  • March JITI Journal

    • feature on package delivery service in Japan

    • short article on "suna-mushi" in Ibusuki

  • May JITI Journal

    • feature on ICAO and the CORSIA Scheme agreement 

    • short article on outings with babies and toddlers in Japan

  • July JITI Journal

    • feature on becoming a pilot in Japan

    • short article on Art Island

  • September JITI Journal

    • feature on license plates in Japan

    • short article on Kawagoe castle

  • November JITI Journal

    • feature on public restroom facilities in Japan

    • short article on Sakai


  • January JITI Journal

    • feature on the inauguration of the Hokkaido Shinkansen's partial operation status

    • short article on Kamata Ryokan

  • March JITI Journal

    • feature on airport privatization and the concession style of airport management

    • short article on the temples of Kyoto

  • May JITI Journal

    • feature on an overview of the Japan-US Agreement for opening Haneda's daytime services

    • short article on Shinjuku Suehirotei

  • July JITI Journal

    • feature on drones and how we can move toward safe operation of unmanned aircraft

    • short article on Kumamoto

  • September JITI Journal

    • feature on ways for airports to minimize the disruption caused by natural disasters

    • short article on Kamakura

  • November JITI Journal

    • feature on capacity building support by the Japan Coast Guard in developing countries

    • short article on Yamazaki

JITTI USA was incorporated in 2008, and took over the research activities held by Institution for Transport Policy Studies (ITPS)/ JITI Washington DC office.

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