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JITI 2016 Self-Driving Vehicle Seminar

The Future of Self-Driving Vehicle Technology

May 18th, 2016

The Mayflower Hotel, Autograph Collection

1127 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, D.C.

In recent years, self-driving vehicle technology has become increasingly prominent in both Japan and the United States as part of an effort to develop practical applications for next-generation vehicles. In the coming years, urbanization is expected to increase, as are vehicles per capita. When considering the impact of the aging population, the applications of self-driving vehicle technology may help to reduce the number of traffic accidents, alleviate traffic congestion, and reduce the environmental burden of vehicles. The future direction of this technology has already become the center of attention in various sectors.


In fact, both Japanese and U.S. vehicle manufacturers aim to introduce self-driving vehicles to the roads by 2020. In both countries, demonstration projects have already been taking place on public highways.


The applications of self-driving vehicle technology require further technological advances, such as the development of sensors that can detect obstacles and motion, development of current GPS technology, and development of image-recognition technology as well as the operating systems of the cars. In addition, there are various structural concerns and regulatory issues including: addressing liability in the case of traffic accidents, creating a highway infrastructure that can support self-driving vehicle technology, and the need for rigorous public promotion to make self-driving vehicle technology widely available in the market.


This seminar called for a discussion among a distinguished group of self-driving vehicle technology experts from both the US and Japan regarding the future of practical applications, the potential impact on citizens and society, as well as the technical and legislative issues surrounding self-driving technology.

Opening Remarks

Makoto Washizu

President , JITI, USA

Keynote Speeches

Kenji Sato

Director, Washington Office, Japan Automobile Standards Internationalization Center (JASIC)

Kevin Dopart

Program Manager, Vehicle Safety & Automation, US DOT ITS Joint Program Office

Kevin Ro

Director, Technical and Regulatory Affairs, Toyota Motor North America Inc.

John P Capp

Director, Global Safety Strategy & Vehicle ProgramsGeneral Motors Global Product Development

Maarten Sierhuis

​Director, Nissan Research Center Silicon Valley

Panel Discussion

Bryant Walker Smith (moderator)

Assistant Professor of Law, University of South Carolina 

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